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Recent years have witnessed an increase in the complexity and diversity of food needs as greater importance is attached to food safety and trustworthiness. Domestic needs are also changing with the aging population, while overseas popularity of Japanese cuisine is increasing and the tastes of Japan have gradually spread around the world.

MC Food Specialties was born from combining histories and technologies of the four food ingredient companies, Kirin Brewery, Kyowa Hakko Kogyo, Takeda Pharmaceutical and Mercian Corporation. Since January 2014, we have taken a business structure based on seven individual ingredient categories, which include Umami Seasonings, Yeast Extracts and Amino Acids, to improve our sense of speed, enhance responsiveness to customer needs, and improve product quality. One of our strengths is our expertise to offer application solutions, which develops each of these food ingredients and combines them in optimal ways to solve customers’ challenges. As a leading Japanese producer of food ingredients, we are enhancing our offered value by leveraging years of knowledge and our commitment to health, safety, trustworthiness and great taste.

Going forward we will focus not only on Japan, but also on emerging nations where their population-driven market expansion is obvious, on advanced nations where their health-oriented processed food markets are expanding, and on global markets where popularity of Japanese foods is felt strongly. We are strengthening our systems to continue to deliver a stable supply of superior quality products, both domestically and globally, and as a specialist to create great tastes we are providing the products that meet changing food needs.

Now being a company within the Mitsubishi Corporation group, we are more aware than ever of compliance as we strictly control our raw materials and production processes, implement initiatives for food safety and trustworthiness and to protect the global environment, and create rich food culture in partnership with our customers.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and patronage.

Tetsuro Momosaki

Tetsuro Momosaki
M C Food Specialties Inc.
Representative Director, President
Tetsuro Momosaki

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